How to use the Learning Lounge

Welcome to the Vocal Process Learning Lounge! 500+ training videos and resources covering the last 15 years of voice training developments in Vocal Process.

This is a BIG resource so here's how you can navigate your way through all the content.

  1. Start by scrolling through the lesson list on the left. You'll see that we have divided the videos into topics or resources (Webinar 18, or the Belting Explained DVDs).
  2. Choose one that you are interested in and start learning. We recommend that you start at the first video in each resource. Once you are comfortable with the Vocal Process learning style you can jump in to any resource at any point for some instant learning.
  3. If you don't know where to start, we recommend watching the first video on the list - So How Does Your Voice Work. It's a 5 minute overview of vocal function created for the Science Museum in London. We've never released this publicly before, and it's Jeremy's favourite video!
  4. If you prefer targeted learning rather than choosing your own way through, drop us an email with what sort of things you want to learn, and we'll recommend a pathway for you