Searching for the best song - How to filter the Song Databases

Check out this video on how to use the Song Databases to find the best song for you (or your students).

0.00 Introduction to our songlists

0.40 Column headings - Song title, Year written, Genre, Composer, Lyricist, Show title, Grade level, Style, Vocal range, Notes

1.42 Changing individual column view by hand (best for viewing full song titles)

5.15 Changing all column views with Autofit (best for viewing all song information and for printing)

6.18 Printing choices for the database including gridlines and the best orientation

9.04 The magic of filtering! Simple song filtering by column including choosing songs by year written (for drama school singing auditions)

12.45 Complex filtering of multiple columns including searching within a filter (for songs by year AND style AND vocal range)

15.45 Removing items within a filter (to deselect songs with notes that are too high)

17.00 Freezing the top row for clarity when scrolling

18.18 Using "Sorting" to sort through the 250 musical theatre songs in the male database (including sorting by "Grade Level" for singing exam choices)

20.50 Refined sorting within a sorted list (for finetuning sorted songs by year written)

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