After Estill - the full video

Here is Gillyanne's After Estill talk. This is the single item that puts some of our past history and techniques into perspective and explains why we've updated and upgraded since both of us handed our Estill licenses back in 2001.

It was the keynote speech at the 2017 Association of Teachers of Singing conference and this video has since gone viral, with over 1 million requests to view.

In it Gillyanne talks about her history with the Estill Model, being one of the first Vanguard Licensees in the world, and her relationship with Jo Estill as her representative in the UK.

Gillyanne puts the Estill work into a historical context, and highlights some of the problems with the information today. The speech includes new knowledge on "Tilting", "Falsetto" and "cricoid tilt for belting" and the reasons (with voice science and physiology backup) why she no longer teaches the techniques as defined by Jo Estill.

We have included the entire speech (over 1 hour) as we think watching it in one sitting is the best way to absorb this information. You may feel some cognitive dissonance, but stay with it as all the information and explanations given by Gillyanne align with current physiology understanding and voice research.


Formatted Keynote Speech AOTOS AFTER ESTILL .pdf
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