1 - Intro & Takeaways

In this packed Update day for singing teachers on vocal technique and best practice, we share the latest thoughts on vocal registers and voice quality, tone onsets, managing range, comfort zones for each singer, how we use pitch centres as a shortcut to improve singing, finding the appropriate resonance for the task, and an extensive Q&A session on the soft palate, larynx and tongue relationship, working with older voices, and much more.

Fun Fact 1: Jeremy set the camera for the widest possible shot to get both us and the large screen in. Gillyanne has an uncanny knack for finding the edge of the camera shot and then standing outside it. So for some of these videos you'll hear her but not see her.

Fun Fact 2: You'll notice we're using a Macbook. It's not ours. Jeremy's laptop died 10 minutes before we were due to start, and we had to borrow the Macbook from one of the participants in order to show the slides. That's the scariest moment we've ever had before a presentation. Does it show?

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