Belting Explained 1 Belting warmup introduction

Belting Explained is our most requested vocal training DVD and has sold out at least five times.

We start with Gillyanne's effective Belting Warmup, first with an individual singer and then with the group. We then break down the techniques in the Warmup to help you understand and embed what you just did.

We take you through what your vocal folds are doing in belting, how to find the appropriate height and space in your vocal tract, why the head tip is so effective, and how to keep the power without the push. Then we explore tongue position for easier belting, and Jeremy takes us through the phrase shape that works best on belting exercises. We demonstrate a way of finding the voice-body connection, then dive deep into words, vowels and consonants.

There is extra footage of a coaching session on belting Jeremy gave in New Zealand and how to move from gentle applause to the standing ovation. And there are "The Big Six" questions to ask when faced with a belted phrase.

And finally we include two bonus videos. What's My Launch Note shows you how to find the best note for you to start belting. and Creak Cool demonstrates how to release and reground your voice after an intensive vocal workout.

Fun Fact: When this was filmed, we had already been presenting the live Belting Explained! Workshop for over 10 years. The live portions here were filmed at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in Central London, and at the New Zealand Association of Teachers of Singing Annual Conference in Wellington, where we were Keynote Presenters.

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