Real life singing lessons for you to watch and analyse

Teaching across music genres - lessons in classical, Musical Theatre and CCM

Teaching across ages - from teen twins to retired

Watch Gillyanne and Jeremy coach the students in online masterclasses

What you will discover

Unit 1 - The focus mindmap.
What you should be listening and watching for the first time you meet a student. Plus two masterclasses with male voice on a classic musical theatre song and a contemporary Indie pop song

Unit 2 - The braindump
Sorting your thoughts out when working with singers. Plus watching a "group" lesson with female twins, covering vocal warmups and classical repertoire (Purcell).

Unit 3 - Coaching an avocational singer
Working with a retired singer on classical and light classical repertoire (Quilter and Vivaldi). Legato line, diction and phrasing

Units 4 and 5 are live with Gillyanne and Jeremy - the next dates in 2023 are 24th November 5-7pm and 25th November 4.30-6.30pm

Finding the key focus for each student in each lesson

Discovering how the Brain Dump method can revolutionise your diagnostic skills, whether live in person or teaching online

Using the Brain Dump method and filtering to create new exercises based on your student's needs that day

Developing a robust process for teaching one student regularly, from first Brain Dump to future lesson planning, plus tracking progress and creating solutions

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